Message from the
Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal 

The year 2014 marks the 70th anniversary of FGV, of 70 years of work involving thousands of people. Indeed, the history of FGV closely reflects the modern history of our country. Its crises accompany Brazilian crises, and its growth accompanies Brazilian growth in an absolutely clear and causal link. FGV breathes Brazil, lives each moment of Brazil, and is a vital part of Brazil.

FGV has striven to serve for 70 years, under the guidance of three presidents: our illustrious founder Dr. Luiz Simões Lopes, president from 1944 to 1992; Dr. Jorge Oscar de Mello Flôres, from 1992 to 2000; and myself, honored to be president of FGV since then. With thanks, especially, to the administration of Simões Lopes, FGV was able to establish a spirit that sets it apart and shall always set it apart from other institutions. It belongs to no single person; it belongs to Brazil and the Brazilian people; it is dedicated to shaping elites who believe in their nation, training staff, and strengthening our identity. And all of this is achieved without xenophobia, without excluding the rest of the world. We believe that Brazil deserves rational solutions leading to the best possible economic and social development of our nation. FGV is an applied institution, focusing on real problems. We do not believe in improvisation or shortsighted solutions; we believe in building solutions. Perhaps this is our greatest asset.

Here at FGV we have a fighting spirit, working for the nation, a forward-looking spirit. We are proud of the past 70 years and will endeavor to make the next 70 years even better.

70 years seal
Fundação Getulio Vargas presents an official seal to commemorate its 70th anniversary

FGV 70 Anos

To celebrate the 70 year anniversary of Fundação Getulio Vargas, FGV’s Communications and Marketing Division (DICOM) created a unique commemorative seal to be used by FGV’s schools, units, institutes, research centers and divisions.

The seal - inspired by concepts of modernity, tradition and innovation - should be used alongside FGV’s brand, according to guidelines established in the manual available, in Portuguese, on FGV’s Portal.

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